francisco luis roque (
Wed, 12 Oct 1994 18:02:48 -0400

so we have this great program called CUSeeMe, which eats up A LOT of
bandwidth. it has the potential to do great things in bringing people
together, but it also has the potential to crash the whole system.

so what should be done? should all web pages about it be removed so that
only a select few know of it's existence? should its use be strictly

in the right, knowledgable hands cuseeme is a great tool. in uneducated
foolish hands it is a disaster in the making.

you can't deny that people will find out about cuseeme. neither can you
deny that it will be misused. did you hear that? it _will_ be misused.
no matter what you do. if you try to regulate it, hackers will find ways

the most we can hope is that any problems will be solved, hope that
nothing _too_ big crashes, and hope that everyone gets ultrafast
connections to the net ASAP.

beyond that, it is nice to think and hope for the best, that everything
will be fine and people will respect its use, but that is just too
unrealistic for me. instead, i hope that all of us will do our parts to
watch out and help prevent disasters, help solve those that come.

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