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I agree - the same arguments have been made regarding Mosaic usage.

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> so we have this great program called CUSeeMe, which eats up A LOT of
> bandwidth. it has the potential to do great things in bringing people
> together, but it also has the potential to crash the whole system.
> so what should be done? should all web pages about it be removed so that
> only a select few know of it's existence? should its use be strictly
> regulated?
> in the right, knowledgable hands cuseeme is a great tool. in uneducated
> foolish hands it is a disaster in the making.
> you can't deny that people will find out about cuseeme. neither can you
> deny that it will be misused. did you hear that? it _will_ be misused.
> no matter what you do. if you try to regulate it, hackers will find ways
> around.
> the most we can hope is that any problems will be solved, hope that
> nothing _too_ big crashes, and hope that everyone gets ultrafast
> connections to the net ASAP.
> beyond that, it is nice to think and hope for the best, that everything
> will be fine and people will respect its use, but that is just too
> unrealistic for me. instead, i hope that all of us will do our parts to
> watch out and help prevent disasters, help solve those that come.
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