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Dr. Cool (
Thu, 13 Oct 1994 01:31:23 -0400

At 9:27 AM 10/12/94 -0400, LUTCHI WWW Group wrote:

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>Just one thought amongst many: - as and when Windows (via Chicago), Apple
>Macs and commercial routers come with Multicast support (not too far off);
>and CU-SeeMe is further developed to take advantage of this, presumably
>this whole issue will merge into concerns of the MBONE community as a
>whole, but with the additional headache of having a far wider potential
>user base.

Do me a favor and tell me real quick what multicasting is. I've heard that
term a lot and usually I can figure ou what technical words such as that
mean if I hear it often enough and just figure it out from the context, but
multicasting sounds so cool, I can't wait to figure it out on my own. :)
What is it?? Then there's MBONE. I know it stands for Multicast-backBONE,
but that's about it. What would multicasting do for CU-SeeMe?

Sorry for all the questions.. I'm just in an incredibly "learning" mood
right now. :) In fact, I think I'll pull out my encyclopedia and figure
out why in the world the sky is blue.

- Aaron