new reflector available - version 2.40b3

John Lynn (
Thu, 13 Oct 1994 12:39:55 -0400

Again, this is a bug fix version of the previous 2.40b2 release and can be
ftp'ed from in the directory /pub/video/Reflector.

The fixes include:

When reflectors were connected together, either using BCC or
UNICAST-REF, or MULTICAST, the clients would timeout. This
was because the receive timer was not being properly updated
for indirect clients.

The reflector will no longer log time of day messages if there
are no clients connected to it. People had complained that
the log files grew unnecessarily when there was in fact no

There was a bug that could have cause reflector strings to not
be null terminated.

Included #ifdef's to allow the reflector to run on HP-UX 9.0
(Courtesy of John Brezak <>)

John Lynn