Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Thu, 13 Oct 1994 12:43:10 -0400

At 12:17 10/12/94, Borre Ludvigsen wrote:

>So before some form of control structure is built in, or sufficient
>bandwidth is deamed present, please limit the discussion to this list.
>Individual limited patience with large thruoughputs of listserve mail,
>and the limited informational value of announce lists will in itself
>set a CAP on the proliferation of use until means of reasonable
>traffic control are developed.
>CU-SeeMe is _MUCH_TOO_GOOD_ a gift for us to "bite the hand" that gave
>it to us.

Borre, I have to disagree with a basic assumption your plea is based on,
that is, if we say nothing the masses won't notice us. I understand that
you're far away from the States, but in the last two months in the USA
CU-SeeMe has recieved extensive press coverage in the popular media, print
and television.

I believe, but cannot prove, that our true choices at this moment are

(1) do nothing, have the masses play with CU-SeeMe to the detriment of all
because they have no guidance, or

(2) present a mature, educating leadership in responsible use of a tool
that has escaped Pandora's box

Because I'm scared that a real backlash against CU-SeeMe will happen once
some small number of the great unwashed heathen masses adopt CU-SeeMe, I'm
a proponent of choice (2) and have therefore written the RFD.

If we could "limit the discussion to this list" life would be a beautiful,
simple, quiet place where goodness and justice prevail. Perhaps in Norway

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