CU-SeeMe and bandwidth worries

Mike Stanyer (
Thu, 13 Oct 1994 17:02:43 -0400

There has been a lot of discussion about opening Pandoras box (via should this
listserv become a Usenet...) and the subsequent hit on Internet bandwidth
across the world. One item that you might care to put in your collective pipe
and smoke is the following:

In the UK cable TV companies are permitted (even encouraged) to provide
telephony to their subscribers (and a whole lot of people take this up because
its a lot cheaper than the alternatives)

One Company that I recently applied to join was actively contemplating
delivering Ethernet to every subscriber who asked for it at their domestic
location. Couple this with PD software and $100 cameras and you really have
some explosive possibilities over here. The price of the domestic Ethernet was
going to be pretty cheap since their infrastructure down to the final street
distribution cabinet was already fibre optic. The future is coming and you
can't 'undiscover' CU-SeeMe.

Other solutions need to be thought of that are equitable - and of course you
have to get a consensus as to what 'equitable' menas first...

Mike Stanyer