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John S. Erickson (John.S.Erickson@Dartmouth.EDU)
Fri, 14 Oct 1994 12:07:37 -0400

Hi Everyone!

--- julia ( wrote...
if these discussions don't belong on this list, where *do* they belong? i'm
sorry that John feels so offended by the intrusion of social issues into our
technological haven,
--- end of quoted material ---

"Offended" is a pretty strong word, but perhaps reasonable considering what I

I've enjoyed the grassroots propagation of CU-SeeMe and have greatly
appreciated the hard work by the CIT and CUMC folks to keep pace, add
features, and fix bugs, many of which have been brought to light through this
list. This list has been a very effective quick-response medium to technical

Which is why I get down on non-technical threads, OF WHICH THIS MESSAGE IS A
PART, happening here.

To answer part of Julia's question, cu-seeme-l is probably *exactly* the
place for general/social/philosophical discussions about CU-SeeMe. Maybe what
we need is...


..for technical discissions to happen in. The existing list could explore
usage and other issues. And I'm *very* interested in that side, by the way;
I'd like to hear how folks are effectively using it for collaborative work.

ANYWAYS, that's the deal. Gotta go get the asbestos T-Shirt on...8^)..Have a
GREAT one!


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