Can Mac Q630 series transmit CU-SEEME?

Fri, 14 Oct 1994 12:09:01 -0400

It sometimes appears that every Mac owner on this list must have a PPC8100
with multi-megs and gigs-on-gigs, but is anyone using the Quadra 630 series
to transmit? Will the Apple add-on digitizing options do the job, or if not,
can 2nd party options be added?
Apple offers a Q636 Performa package to university communities at a
(comparatively!) reasonable price -- though still a good stretch for someone
hamstrung by low-level higher ed. payscales. Will the Q630's do the job, or
should I continue to wait for cash-to-flow and hardware evolve? (as I clack
away on a borrowed 236 with a CGA monitor)...
Thanks for any advice you lofty luminaries might have for a humble

And I also agree with Julia Shaffner -- a discussion of the greater
social consequences of our use of this new tool is at least as important
as yakking about our technichal tinkering ~~~

John Solorzano
Washington, D. C.