Re: CU See Me and Internet Firewall

John Lester (lester@HELIX.MGH.HARVARD.EDU)
Fri, 14 Oct 1994 13:35:02 -0400

>Does anyone know if CU-See Me supports PROXY SERVERS? If so, how do I set
>this up and configure it? I hope to use both PC and Mac versions of CU-See

I too would be very interested in this....

Also, I have come across an ideal camera for CU-SeeMe. It is sold by a
company called "Resources Unlimited" (603 668 2499). It's a CCD chip
camera..greyscale....TINY...250,000 pixels, 0.3 lux, 350 (!!) lines
rez.......feed it 9VDC and it will give you composite video out. You have
to buy the camera as a single part (lens and pc board) and then build your
own power supply (or use a 9V battery) and housing for the camera unit.

Camera lists for $180...this thing is sweet...unbelievably tiny (about 2" by
2" by 1")...and the resolution is great.

Just wanted to share that with y'all...if anyone has further questions, just

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