Sound and Video on the PC

Dustin Goodwin (
Sun, 16 Oct 1994 16:07:28 -0400

Two questions and a request.

q1. Are there plans to make PC's CU-SeeME sound capable?

q2. I have see lot's of request for a list of PC video cards that have actually
been proven to work with CU-SeeMe. Has anyone actually compiled such a list.
And if they have, can they send to me?

r1. If anyone one out there in listserv land gets a MediaVision ProMovie video
card working with CU-SeeMe. Please let everyone know by posting to the this
list. I have seen several posting from ProMovie owners so I know I am not the
only one interested. As I understand it the ProMovie does produce the
uncompressed 8 bit palletized stream needed. But there's something wrong with
the gray scale pallete.