Fear of newbie explosion

Sun, 16 Oct 1994 19:48:24 -0400

Much recent discussion has included concerns about a possible CUSM new-user
explosion. Whenever I read "new user", I think you're talking about me, so
here are my two cents.
I have been on the net 6 months (not JUST on America On Line) ,
discovered CUSM in August, and am in the process of getting ISDN in my
studio. I am an artist and have no current academic or corporate associations
(unlike most of the CUSM crowd).
Aside from being a novice, what have I done that would cause concern. If
there were 100 or 1000 more of me, what damage would that do? Hasn't the net
grown and developed as useage necessitated? I'm sure the men/women involved
in the almost mythical origins of the net would have been horrified if they'd
known how it would expand.
Frankly, I would be suprised if many individuals would spend the money
to buy SLIP, or connected at more than 28.8. My experiences getting ISDN in
my studio have been comic/tragic, not to mention initial
hardware/installation costs of over $600. It is not even available for most
I look forward to using CUSM in a responsible manner, but also toward my
own personal ends. CUSM is a technical tool, but it is also a cultural
development that may, like many things on the net, develop beyond its
necessity (like IRC, games, etc.) Did you know there is a WWW page that
shows how to put on a condom, for example? Is that necessary? You'd think if
you can use Mosaic, you can manage a condom.
So, when you talk about restricting CUSM, just who are you restricting it
FROM? Am I somehow so illigitimate that it should be taken away from me?