Re: Name for proposed cu-seeme newsgroups

Douglas Ellmore (
Mon, 17 Oct 1994 10:00:17 -0400


In the proposed cuseeme news hierarchy:


I tend to agree Michael Abdilla on the issue of naming the CU-SeeMe
newsgroups. Specifically, I would recommend taking out the "multimedia"
reference. Some options may be:

I tend to think of these video conferencing technologies as interactive
realtime communications. Multimedia as it has been used today often has a
store and retrieval air about it, that supports time shifting of
information as with CD-ROMs and such. Now, hands waving, faces smiling,
displaying charts and graphs happens in real discussions and can be defined
as multimedia in my book. But we have to face that the meaning of the term
has changed do to retail commercialization of technologies such as CD-ROMS
and Sega games.

That said, I would also like to see a little expansion in the groups
offered in our CU-SeeMe discussions. I would like to see two groups

These additional groups could be used to discuss the networking issues,
issues in conferencing between the PC and Mac versions, and use with
non-Cu-SeeMe technologies offered by commercial video conferencing
technologies offered by CLI, PictureTel and the others.

I have heard a lot of discussion about networking issues, bandwidth,
multicasting, MBone, etc. and would like to see some real high and low
level discussion about these issues, as well as using the technology with
ISDN and cableTV Internet access services.

As we all know, there is a tremendous commercial video conferencing market
out there and a lot of large room public and private facilities that could
be interconnected. Many of the manufacturers have developed standards for
these large room systems and are implementing them with desktop systems,
though primarily with ISDN and Switched 56 service, in the $5k to $7k
range, and not TCP/IP networks.

Though the issue of opening up CU-SeeMe to the masses may not excite the
CU-SeeMe crowd that want's to keep the technology a secret, I believe if
there were some interoperability with commercial systems, it would both
further the cause for educational interactivity outside the school in the
already established world-wide business and university environments, and
the cause for low-cost desktop video conferencing.

The comp.conferencing grouping could also be used with these other
commercial developments, audio conferencing technologies like Maven, as
well as other telephony topics. I see an oppurtunity and a need to offer
this expansion of discussion.

One last option would be to replace the comp.conferencing structure with a hierarchy that could include even a wider variety
of topics like interactive CD-ROM and multimedia such as

Now that I have made my position, I will qualify that the opinions above
are my own and are not representative of any position held by the National
Academy Press, National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences,
National Academy of Engineering, or the Institute of Medicine.

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