Re: RFD...

Tom Coradeschi (
Mon, 17 Oct 1994 12:18:35 -0400

julia shaffner <> wrote:
>John Erickson writes:
>> Given the recent discussion, in particular *today's* discussion about the
>> appropriateness of consuming net bandwidth with a new newsgroup, perhaps
>> there should be a new Listcussion (no typo) for *talk*...
>> I'm referring to the fact that suddenly we have changed from a "how do I..."
>> or "how does it..." list to *philosophy*. YUCK...I've been learning a lot
>> from the technical side, but if it keeps up I'll have to UNSUBSCRIBE and get
>> my info from 'announce' and Borre's Web page...
>i, for one, feel the recent discussions of network bandwidth and
>whether to start a new newsgroup (or newsgroups) are quite important
>to the cu-seeme community. if these discussions don't belong on
>this list, where *do* they belong? i'm sorry that John feels so


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