Re: Fear of newbie explosion

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Mon, 17 Oct 1994 14:26:11 -0400

At 16:49 10/16/94, wrote:

> So, when you talk about restricting CUSM, just who are you restricting it
>FROM? Am I somehow so illigitimate that it should be taken away from me?


I hoven't heard anyone speaking about resticting CUSM, other than having
the software do some self-policing regarding overloading the net. The
recent messages from the EUNet folks showed a real-world concern about the
load that CUSM can place on planetary connections.

I can't really ascertain your illigitimate status (that would take a blood
test :-) but your use of CUSM seems to be withing the boundaries of
responsible good taste.

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