re: Min PC/Mac Versions
Mon, 17 Oct 1994 17:12:15 -0400

Here is a list of the various Mac Version strings, the definition
indicates the value for the numerical version number, i.e. to
limit your reflector to version 12 or higher you would configure
the reflector with min-mac-version 18.

For the PC the current version is 1.

John Lynn

Str255 version1String = "\p0.65.8";
Str255 version2String = "\p0.65.9";
Str255 version3String = "\p0.66.2";
Str255 version4String = "\p0.66.8";
Str255 version5String = "\p0.67.0";
Str255 version6String = "\p0.67.2x";
Str255 version7String = "\p0.67.5x";
Str255 version8String = "\p0.70a1";
Str255 version9String = "\p0.70a2";
Str255 version10String = "\p0.70a3";
Str255 version11String = "\p0.70a4";
Str255 version12String = "\p0.70b1";
Str255 version13String = "\p0.70b5";
Str255 version14String = "\p0.70b9";
Str255 version15String = "\p0.72d1";
Str255 version16String = "\p0.70b10";
Str255 version17String = "\p0.70b11";
Str255 version18String = "\p0.70b12";
Str255 version19String = "\p0.70b13";