new reflector available version 2.40b4

John Lynn (
Mon, 17 Oct 1994 17:14:56 -0400

A new bug-fix version of the CU-SeeMe reflector program is
not available for anonymous ftp from in the
directory pub/video/Reflector. It contains the following bug

There was a problem between BBC Servers and BCC Clients. If a
BCC Client restarted, the BCC Server would not allow the BCC
Client to reconnect.

The default string message for CAP was not being setup properly.
Therefore if the reflector was not configured with a CAP value
the default value of 80kbits was being used, but the default
message string would not be sent to those participants who exceeded
the cap.

Running the reflector on machines where the network byte order was
different from the host byte order, would cause the MOTD to not
be sent with the proper length field and hence not work.

When you are the only one connected to a reflector, there was a bug
that would cause you to be disconnected with a CAP to high message.

John Lynn