CU-demo volunteers?

Borre Ludvigsen (
Mon, 17 Oct 1994 20:38:48 -0400

Next monday, October 24 I will be sticking my neck out a ways. At the
opening of UNINETT94 I hope to demonstrate CU-SeeMe interactively with a
number of willing volunteers around the world. (UNINETT is Norwegian
Internet provider to the academic and research community here.) The demo
will take place 1345 - 1400 local time (1245 - 1300 GMT). I am aware that
this is early east coast and even earlier further west. I was hoping we
could do a repeat of the session with Singapore this summer. Any luck at
seeing Australia, Peking, Singapore, Europe, the USA on a single screen?
There will be a conference reflector to be announced. We will be running
2Mbps into the conference, with Mbone and CU all 3 days from monday
through wednesday. The conference also has it's own webserver (only in
Norwegian I'm afraid)

I wuld be very grateful for a geographically spread group with audio
capability. Also, you know how these things go - a few seconds of
exposure and it's gone - all for a good cause!

- Barre