Re: Fear of newbie explosion

thommy (
Mon, 17 Oct 1994 22:29:38 -0400

To all --

I think that Jon sounds like a pretty responsible guy. He's pretty
funny too. And smart. After all, what a great marketing tool for
geeks like us to buy condoms for our random acts of sex:

"If you can use Mosaic, you can manage a condom"

Tres humourous.

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Subject: Fear of newbie explosion
Author: at INTERNET
Date: 10/16/94 04:52 PM


I look forward to using CUSM in a responsible manner, but also toward my
own personal ends. CUSM is a technical tool, but it is also a cultural
development that may, like many things on the net, develop beyond its
necessity (like IRC, games, etc.) Did you know there is a WWW page that
shows how to put on a condom, for example? Is that necessary? You'd think if
you can use Mosaic, you can manage a condom.