info from CUSM developers?

Tom Bray (
Tue, 18 Oct 1994 11:36:06 -0400

Any of you out there that may have some of this info, please respond. But I
think this message is mostly for John & the other CUSM developers.

I'm part of a group here at the Univ. of Michigan that is drafting an
introductory paper for people interested in Distance Learning. One of the
technologies that we talk about is CUSM (recent discussion about clogging
bandwidth aside). I would like to include a "case study" as part of this.
My question for you is: Do you have anything written (by you or others)
about any actual use of CUSM in an instructional/demo use that I could
include in this document? Or any other written works that you feel describe
the potential, uses & limitations of this program? I'll write something on
my own, but I thought I should ask if you have anything that you feel
presents this info well.
And of course, I need to do this by tomorrow.

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