CU-SeeMe demo monday 24th 1245 UTC

Borre Ludvigsen (
Fri, 21 Oct 1994 13:20:27 -0400

Many thanks to all those who have volunteered to join the demo. It will
take place between 1345 aand 1400 local (Oslo) time which is 1245 UTC
(GMT), 0735 eastern, 1445 Turkey and Israel, 2045 Singapore, 2245
Melbourne and 0545 pacific time.

I will be grateful to all who join in, and am willing to owe especially
to those who join us from way outside working ours. (Does someone want to
volunteer to wake Peking?) There will be about 350 people wanting to talk
to you all.

For those who missed the message explaining the venue yesterday, it's
attached to this.

- Barre

>Next monday, October 24 I will be sticking my neck out a ways. At the
>opening of UNINETT94 I hope to demonstrate CU-SeeMe interactively with a
>number of willing volunteers around the world. (UNINETT is Norwegian
>Internet provider to the academic and research community here.) The demo
>will take place 1345 - 1400 local time (1245 - 1300 GMT). I am aware that
>this is early east coast and even earlier further west. I was hoping we
>could do a repeat of the session with Singapore this summer. Any luck at
>seeing Australia, Peking, Singapore, Europe, the USA on a single screen?
>There will be a conference reflector to be announced. We will be running
>2Mbps into the conference, with Mbone and CU all 3 days from monday
>through wednesday. The conference also has it's own webserver (only in
>Norwegian I'm afraid)
>I wuld be very grateful for a geographically spread group with audio
>capability. Also, you know how these things go - a few seconds of
>exposure and it's gone - all for a good cause!
>- Barre