Dept. Ed. Town Mtg. abt. Internet tonight 8:30pm EDT

Jane Smith (
Fri, 21 Oct 1994 14:02:46 -0400


How can the Information Superhighway be a resource for teaching
and learning in your school, community, and home? The U.S.
Department of Education is hosting two forums to help you answer
that question.

GOALS 2000 SATELLITE TOWN MEETING: "Learning On-line: Education
and the Information Superhighway" will be held Tuesday, October
18th from 8:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m.

The meeting will be broadcast live via the Satellite using the
coordinates noted below, and will simultaneously be viewable by
those people using the CU-SeeMe videoconferencing client software
from Cornell University.

A Satellite Town Meeting

In a live, interactive video teleconference, U.S. Education
Secretary Richard Riley and Deputy Secretary Madeline Kunin will
talk with four pioneers who have connected their schools or
community to the world via the Internet: Tom Grunder, President
of the National Public Telecomputing Network; Louis Gomez, a
professor at Northwestern University; Carol Hyatt, a parent and
founder of CapAccess in Bethesda, Maryland; and, Douglas Wood, a
teacher in South Carolina. (For directions, see "How to join the
GOALS 2000 Satellite Town Meeting" below.)

An On-Line Conversation

Several of those pioneers and other community experts will offer
practical tips and suggestions about "using telecomputing for
teaching and learning" over the Internet. This new forum, which
we call the Satellite Town Meeting On-Line Conversation, or
"SATL-CON" is designed for you. It is a place where you can share
ideas, ask questions, or just listen in on the conversation. To
join us, send an e-mail message to <> and in
the message area write: subscribe satl-con <your name>.

How to Join the GOALS 2000 Satellite Town Meeting:

Every month, the Department produces the GOALS 2000 Satellite
Town Meeting, a live, interactive video teleconference for
communities working to achieve the National Education Goals.
Broadcast via satellite, the teleconference brings together
hundreds of communities across the country to discuss education

Call 1-800-USA-LEARN and see if there is a downlink site already
established in your community. If not, start one! Local PBS
member stations, Wal-Marts, schools, universities and cable
stations are often willing to serve as downlink sites. Just
gather a group of people in your community and join in.


C-BAND Galaxy 7 Orbital location 91 degrees West Transponder/Channel 16V

KU-BAND SBS-6 Orbital location 95 degrees West Transponder/Channel 7H


Receive only reflector sites and contacts:

CNIDR Jane Smith <>

NYSERNet Jean Armour Polly <jpolly@nysernet.ORG>

University of Vermont Wesley Alan Wright

Network Solutions Stan Borinski <>

UPENN Dan Updegrove <>

On Standby: SUNY Plattsburgh William D. Graziadei

The CU-SeeMe software for Macintoshes and Windows is available
via anonymous ftp from in the /pub/video
directory. Get the "readme" file to determine minimum hardware