(no subject)

Ken Tompkins (ken@odin.stockton.edu)
Sat, 22 Oct 1994 13:18:42 -0400

I've read the FAQ and can't find an answer to this though I assume, as a new
member of the list, it's been asked frequently if not incessantly.

I am trying to receive with CuSeeMe through a pseudo-slip connection using
TIA --> Trumpet Winsock --> Cuseeme. Every time I try to connect to a
reflector, I get an error after 15 seconds of attempting to connect saying
that the reflector is not responding. So far after about 4 days of attempts
I have not connected once.

The college has a 58K line (I know, I know) with a T1 being installed as I
type this. I understand what I (we) have here is minimal. My question is: Is
it impossible?

Shouldn't I be able to connect at least even though the resulting video will
be of poor quality? Also, do the reflectors "broadcast" constantly? Just a
few hours a day? Almost never? I can't tell whether there is nothing being
sent when I try to connect or whether it is my problem here.

According to everything I've read, it should work.

Ken Tompkins
Stockton State College