Hangs on 660AV every time

Gary M Glickman (glickman@panix.com)
Sun, 23 Oct 1994 08:55:39 -0400

In trying to use CU-Seeme .70b12 and previous versions, I get the
following consistent error message on startup:


and then the app quits, and I often have to reboot.

CPU is 660AV with sys 7.1, update 3.0 installed. Video depth is 256
or thousands of colors, using built-in digitizer, S-video, NTSC and VCR
filter, with or without camera attached. I haven't found a combination of
seetings that works. I have no problems receiving on a 520c.

I can't find the appropriate ReadMe or FAQ. Can someone point me to
them, or tell me what I'm doing wrong. Please Email. Thanks.

Gary M. Glickman