getting quickcam and others to work

francisco luis roque (
Sun, 23 Oct 1994 09:29:36 -0400

from what i understand of how cuseeme works, it now looks to see if video
input is coming from certain sources (i.e. the cards that work w/
cuseeme), and then sends this stream of data to the reflector.
would it instead be possible to specify an area on the screen of
your computer for the video to come from? then no matter what kind of
card or other video input you use, cuseeme would still work.
in other words, say i have some sort of card or camera (like quickcam)
which cuseeme does not currently recognize. but i am getting the video
from that source into a window on my screen. then i start up cuseeme and
it asks me where i want to get my video in from: area on the screen, or
video card it recognizes. i say area on screen, and then i get to place
a box over the area my video is.
then cuseeme would grab the video input from whatever the pixels
are like in that box on my screen, and it wouldn't matter what program
got them there.
is this possible? i think one problem of this would be that then
anyone could send out streams of completely useless info, like the
pattern on your desktop. but it would be nice to enable cuseeme to work
w/ any source of video whatsoever.

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