Re: CU-SEEME-L digest 226

John S. Erickson (John.S.Erickson@Dartmouth.EDU)
Mon, 24 Oct 1994 03:15:41 -0400

--- Tim wrote:
The answer, of course, is no, it is not good
behavior to broadcast the inside of an empty office when bandwidth is
limited, but the answer is irrelevant since CU-SeeMe does not _broadcast_
anything. It only sends video to machines that want it. I.e., a reflector
will only forward video to recipients who have that window open, and a video
source will stop transmission to the reflector if no one is watching.
--- end of quoted material ---

This is sobering, powerful common sense. Thanks Tim!

One question: Since the "office footage" we have all witnessed is usually
VERY static, won't the algorithm avoid frequent screen updates? IE: Isn't the
bandwidth from an empty office quite low to begin with?

Have a GREAT one!


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