Patrick H. (phargitt@itsmail1.hamilton.edu)
Mon, 24 Oct 1994 08:36:35 -0400

I have two questions that need answering, if any kind soul cares to do so.

1. I do not yet have a video spigot, so I have been tring to connect two PPC 7100 with MacTCP using CU-SeeMe, transmiting via a microphone. Each time I try connecting, I get a message telling me "Connection refused by XXX". what does this mean ?? What do I need to do ? I have not tried using Maven alone yet, but someone told me that he was able to connect succesfully with his CU-SeeMe and PPCs.

2. I connected to a reflector and was able to communicate using my microphone. I was wondering if I can send text as well or is having a camera and spigot a necessity for text ?

If things work out right I should be getting a Spigot sometime next week (:, but that would be for only one of the six computers in this electronic resource for public affairs that is currently under construction till December.

Thank you in advance,

Patrick Hargitt