Re: AdminTCP

Michael Puskar (puskar@acf2.NYU.EDU)
Mon, 24 Oct 1994 20:08:54 -0400

On Mon, 24 Oct 1994, John Baltzer wrote:

> I just ftp'd CU-SeeMe and the related TCP files. AdminTCP does not
> start, and displays an error message of either insufficient memory or
> the file may be damaged. The creation date for AdminTCP is Jan. 1,
> 1904. That does not look right.
This message will come up if you try to open both MacTCP and AdminTCP at
the same time. One must be closed.


> I'm going to use CU-SeeMe at an elementary school which is not
> connected to the Internet, so this will be on a free-standing LAN.
> There were no docs with AdminTCP or MacTCP. Can someone suggest
> a document which would describe how to set up TCP/IP on a LAN?

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