The NYSERNet bird-mobile-cam

Jean Armour Polly (jpolly@nysernet.ORG)
Tue, 25 Oct 1994 10:20:53 -0400

Here at the NYSERNet reflector ( I try to keep a video feed
going, even if the office is closed. I do this because we're one of the
oldest public test site reflectors, and think it's our cyber-duty to give
the folks in distant time zones a place to try CU SeeMe.

We used to have the Thruway Cam going, getting shots of cars moving down
the <analog> superhighway, but alas, now I'm nowhere near a window.

The best I can do these days, when I am not in the office, is point the
camera at a bird mobile over my Mac. The heat makes it go around. The North
American birds you'll see include a Canada Goose, a Mallard Duck, a Great
Blue Heron, a Bald Eagle, and a Common Loon. (no "you'll always see a loon
on the NN reflector" jokes, please... ;-)

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