PowerBooks and CU-SeeMe

Richard Cogger (R.Cogger@cornell.edu)
Tue, 25 Oct 1994 10:22:29 -0400

>From: altis@city.net (Kevin Altis)
>Subject: PowerBooks and CU-SeeMe
>I'm planning on purchasing a 540c, but the one thing stomping on me right
>now is how I'm going to do video input or even video output (not really an
>issue for CU-SeeMe but desireable none the less) for that matter with a
>PowerBook. I won't have a nubus slot or AV features. If this is a FAQ I
>apologize, but I looked for answers before emailing. Any leads, otherwise I
>guess I'm going to have to have a desktop machine like a 630 just for video
>conferencing, which is a bummer.
You can use the ComputerEyes/RT from Digital Vision, a SCSI device for
digitizing, comes with a vdig that CU-SeeMe will recognize. I happen to
know of a recent test with a 540c that worked fine.