Re: CU-SeeMe demo monday 24th 1245 UTC

Dr Tan Tin Wee (
Tue, 25 Oct 1994 11:33:45 -0400

In response to Geoff's comments about nearest geographical
neighbour isn't quite the nearest internet neighbour,
does anyone have a map of all cuseeme reflectors.
If we don't already have one, perhaps we should initiate
some kind of network of cuseeme reflectors for global
events like this, using unicasting or carbon copy or
blind carbon copy to save on the bandwidth, so that
we can up the transmission speed a wee bit more.

What do folks think?


Tin Wee


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On Tue, 25 Oct 1994, Geoff Rehn wrote:

> At 08:45 AM 25/10/1994 +0800, K C Lun wrote: > > >I enjoyed last night's session even though I did not get the chance to > >talk to you. Audio is still problematic on CUSM and even the messages > >from my nearest neighbour, Geoff of Murdoch University, were garbled > >every now and then. > > Your nearest GEOGRAPHIC neighour isn't your nearest INTERNET neighbour! > > I think for my packets to get to you, KC, there is a total of about 26 hops! > > (Perhaps we could have just shouted loudly instead!) > > Regards > Geoff > > ---- > Geoff Rehn > Lecturer, Educational Technology > Academic Service Unit Murdoch University > > >