CU-SeeMe and the Video Spigot II Tape

dfleig (
Tue, 25 Oct 1994 12:37:38 -0400

Hi all,

In an effort to use CU-SeeMe for a couple applications here at IUPUI I bought
a Video Spigot II Tape hoping it would work alright. As you have guessed by now
it doesn't. The VS2 isn't recognized by CU-SeeMe. I suspected the vdig supplied
with the VS2 but it works correctly with Premiere and Video Fusion.

I'm trying this on an 800 with 28 meg of ram, a 16" monitor, system 7.5, QT 1.61
and CU-SeeMe version .70b12. I can supply the vdig if someone wants to play
with it.

Any ideas?

David Fleig Networks and Systems
Network Analyst Integrated Technologies - IUPUI