Re: CU-SeeMe - anyone using/considering use for security?

Richard Cogger (
Tue, 25 Oct 1994 16:17:19 -0400

At 2:34 PM 10/25/94, Dan Updegrove wrote:
>Cu-SeeMe colleagues:
>Our suite has an alarm that rings the University's Public Safety office
>if the door is opened after hours (and staff don't disarm it within N
>seconds, etc.). The suite also has a CU-SeeMe camera in the lobby.
>What if Public Safety had CU-SeeMe linked to the phone alarm, to pop
>up a window on a PC or Mac showing the inside of our office? They could
>watch, listen, even make announcements....
>Is anyone doing/thinking about any applications of CU-SeeMe technology
>for institutional security monnitoring?

My guess is that in most cases, the cost of Mac plus Internet
connectivity would make a pretty expensive security cam set up. CU-SeeMe
is "low cost," for desktop conferencing, assuming everything but digitizer
and camera is already in place.
Maybe there are places where a Mac (or PC) used during the day for
other stuff could be switched into security service at night. Problem
would be who switches, do they always remember, etc.
But maybe with some changes to sw, a low-end 486, a $100 quickcam,
etc., etc., you could come up with something for $1000, send only...