Re: AV upgrade for PPC

Richard Cogger (
Tue, 25 Oct 1994 16:18:46 -0400

I think you need to ask Apple. If you can get the AV card and put it in
and then have the same machine you would have if it had been ordered AV in
the first place, then yes, sure.
I queried whether I could swap out the AV card and get a regular
one and was told it would cost $1200 on the 8100. The Mac AV system is not
(imho) well designed. Basically, you can't use a large monitor at
thousands depth and digitize at the same time. You can't use the output
and do much of anything else too.
The hot setup might be to stay with what you have but add a spigot.


At 2:32 PM 10/25/94, Patrick H. wrote:
>This probably is a stupid question, but I need to be sure of its response.
>I have _non_ AV, Power Macs at my disposition, and I have been ordered to
>install CU-SeeMe on them for The Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center at
>Hamilton College. Will CU-SeeMe work if I install PowerMac AV cards and a
>video cam ?
>I would be grateful for a yes or a no,
>thanks in advance,
>Patrick Hargitt