Re: CU-SeeMe - anyone using/considering use for security?

Mark Schaub (
Wed, 26 Oct 1994 11:07:03 -0400

From: John Lester <lester@HELIX.MGH.HARVARD.EDU>

>Cu-SeeMe colleagues:
>Our suite has an alarm that rings the University's Public Safety office
>if the door is opened after hours (and staff don't disarm it within N
>seconds, etc.). The suite also has a CU-SeeMe camera in the lobby.
>What if Public Safety had CU-SeeMe linked to the phone alarm, to pop
>up a window on a PC or Mac showing the inside of our office? They could
>watch, listen, even make announcements....
>Is anyone doing/thinking about any applications of CU-SeeMe technology
>for institutional security monnitoring?

Heh..I use it to monitor my apartment when I'm at work..

I have a dedicated 28.8 SLIP to my house....I can watch my couch from work.. :P

Seriously tho, I think the security applications for CU-SeeMe are only need a couple frames a second to notice something's
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I, too, use CU-SeeMe over an ISDN line to my home... makes my network at
home look just like an extension of our office backbone. I can stick the
cam out the window and watch who comes in my driveway.

And it wasn't all that expensive either...

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