modem connect cu-seeme

Mark Schaub (
Wed, 26 Oct 1994 12:33:32 -0400

I have attempted to connect cu-seeme via modem to a neighboring
university to establish a video link and explore the possibilities of
doing some distance learning at reasonable cost. This is a request
(plea) for a little assistance from anyone who would like to lend a
helpful response.

My hardware configuration consists of a Macintosh LC III, System 7.1
4mb (currently using ram doubler to get 8MB), video spigot LC, vdig 1.0,
CU-SeeME 0.70b5, US Robotics Mac & Fax Sportster modem (28.8). Monitor is set
to 16 shades of grey when the system is booted.

Presently I connect to the Internet via a
Mac TCP/ PPP connection through Commonwealth Telephone. My IP address
is dynamically assigned by their server (pop3 for e mail).

I have attempted to use CU-SeeMe by dialing through to my modem's ppp
connection onto Commonwealth's server and then connecting to an IP address
of either a reflector or the IP address of a desktop at the local
university which is also running cu-seeme. The system at the university
is directly connected to Internet through a t1 line - no modem dialup
number seems to be available for me to access.

My mac does not seem to recognize that it has the capability to send
video (the checkbox is dimmed) - Although video spigot does work
separately when using the screenplay program.

We are not sure if we are attempting this correctly. Perhaps I
shouldn't be trying CU-SeeMe through my current server. I couldn't log
onto Cornell's reflector to get a response on my system.

I could not tell if anything was being broadcast by the reflector
or if I could not connect to the reflector. After a few minutes
there is a message that the I.P. address does not respond.

Anyone who has attempted a modem connect using cu-seeme and would like
to try to help me establish a link is welcome to respond.

Chris Buffington
Computer Science Dept
Montrose Area High School
RR 3 Box 28
Montrose PA 18801