Connectix QuickCam takes first steps!!!

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Wed, 26 Oct 1994 16:10:14 -0400

At 07:11 10/26/94, Steve Sarsfield wrote:

>I'm still looking at ways to get an even less expensive (although
>potentially less 'slick') package together. We have a black and white
>version of ComputerEyes on the IBM ($299) that might go nicely with a lower
>cost surveillance-style camera.

I can't speak for the Intel-based crowd, but last night I ran a version of
CU-SeeMe/Mac with the Connectix "gamma" QuickCam! I didn't connect to any
reflectors because the version identifies itself in such a way that I
believe reflectors wouldn't allow it to connect, but the Connectix 'vdig'
(video digitizer) resource did work (albeit with some problems).

Please don't ask the CU-SeeMe team about details, as a camera should be at
their lab today and if they're answering "what about the QuickCam" mail
they aren't hacking. Details forthcoming from me (as further steps happen)
and I'm sure from Dick Cogger (the CU-SeeMe team manager) when it's ready
for the universe at large. Since the cameras won't be in your mailboxes
for at least a couple of weeks you shouldn't be in any rush :-)

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