Re: for x-windows, or possibly a DOS-based

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Wed, 26 Oct 1994 19:00:18 -0400

At 14:34 10/26/94, Admin/Support wrote:
>> wrote:
>> As I recall, the fact that there's no standard Windows sound devices makes
>> providing audio more daunting. Compare that with the Mac, which comes with
>> standard audio.
>Maybe you haven't used Windows in years, but it provides very standard
>ways to do audio (and video and anything else really). I'm not a Windows
>fan (just one machine for running PhotoShop and Corel Draw and Adobe
>Premiere, etc.) but cuseeme should be just as easy to support for Windows
>as on the Mac, it's probably more lack of someone putting the necessary
>time into the Windows version. If all the various video capture, edit,
>and play utilities that I use in Windows work perfectly just by adding my
>video capture card's driver, cuseeme can do the same.

Actually, I have a Pentium and 486 running Windows 3.11 on my desk, along
with an NT machine. I spent last weekend in Arizona playing with OS/2. I
won't mince words with you, I'm just passing on what I heard (somewhere)
about the effort of getting audio running across all (or even most)
Intel-based machines. If you're up to it, volunteer your time to the
CU-SeeMe team. I know they've used volunteer-written code before, and the
worst they can say is "no".

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