Re: CU-SeeMe - anyone using/considering use for security?

Ben Millard (
Wed, 26 Oct 1994 20:57:56 -0400

francisco luis roque <> Wrote:

>would it be possible to write a sript/program which compares the current
>picture being shown by CU-SeeMe and a picture from a minute ago, and if
>there are enough differences an alarm is sounded/ a window flies up on
>your computer/ etc?

This has to go into the bin for the bandwidth philosophers. This too is a
commercial security-cam product (Sorry about the patent application
Francisco!:) that can be accomplished /a lot/ more cheaply in net-costs.
(You designate the area to be watched for motion on the screen so selective
areas can be scanned. I believe it even might work on pan & tilt cameras
now, but not quite to the point of subtracting relative motion: the camera
has to be stopped for a motion and scene check...)

I applaud the motivation and the motivator here, but observing your couch,
driveway, Ohio State's parking lot(s) or even an exhibit gallery with
cu-SeeMe has to come under the Golden Fleece category...

But I will (and do) enjoy a good chuckle and lift a caffeine toast to the
folks who come up with these uses for a truly cool project.

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