Re: Making PPCs AV

Stan Borinski (
Thu, 27 Oct 1994 00:31:12 -0400

> Hi,
> Things are looking grim. I have been trying to make a non-AV PPC 7100 into
> a product that is AV compatible. Apparently the PPC AV card that I was
> talking about in my last message has not yet been approved by Apple for the
> 7100: It is only meant for the 6100 until approved for other models (that
> ain't good enough for me).
> So my last resort question is this;
> Does any one know of any hardware that will let me hook up a camera to my
> PPC so that I can start sending CU-SeeMe video streams ? I am setting this
> up for a Public Affairs information center, so everything needs to be 100%
> sure and clean.
> thank you in advance,
> Patrick Hargitt


Get the VideoSpigot. It's cheap, and it works. It doesn't pump enough data
to be affected by the 7100's pathetic NuBus rate. A rep from SuperMac told me
not to use QuickTime 2.0 with it though (this may have changed).

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