Re: CU-SeeMe - anyone using/considering use for security?

Bob Dixon (
Thu, 27 Oct 1994 09:00:27 -0400

On Wed, 26 Oct 1994, Ben Millard wrote:

> >>Is anyone doing/thinking about any applications of CU-SeeMe technology
> >>for institutional security monnitoring?
> With all due respect, cu-SeeMe for security apps would be only applicable
> in situations where there is no formal security department or "system." My
> employers are (and have been for quite a while) using a /multi-channel/
> video-over-dry-pair monitor system. It runs at a full 30 fps, we can send
> full frame color NTSC over a pair with command signals returning to the
> pan/tilt head. With up to 8 cameras on the transmitter, and the ability to
> switch between them _or_ feed sub-screen sized images of 4, it is a really
> neat sytem in a 100 year old building.

But it is overkill and too expensive for many situations. No formal
security department will ever monitor all the places that other people
feel are necessary. The ability to run a camera and attach it to a campus
network anywhere is very powerful, and can provide up yo 8 images.

> With regards to the on-going bandwidth debates, the "empty office"
> conundrum, etc. I think security monitoring might be better left to other
> commercial systems.

As has been pointed out here earlier, the bandwidth issues are easily
controlled in various ways, and the open office has nothing to do with it.

One good mechanism is to use the channel ID feature to provide a quasi
private link.