Re: how to answer a video phone call?

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Thu, 27 Oct 1994 15:21:15 -0400

At 19:57 10/26/94, wrote:
>>Does anyone know of a way to ring someone's computer...
>Something close to that has been in the application since day 1 (when there
>were no reflectors), at least in the Mac version. If you have CU-SeeMe
>running and someone tries to connect to you, 1 of 2 things will happen: a)
>a connection will automatically be established and you will begin sending
>and/or receiving video or b) a dialog box will open asking if you wish to
>accept a connection. There are items in the Preferences box to decide
>which should happen. One thing it does not do, however, is bring CU-SeeMe
>to the foreground or alert you in any sort of way, so it's quite likely
>that the dialog box will come up behind other windows and you will never
>see it. We should probably do something about that.

The thing you should do is frighteningly easy: use the standard Mac Alert
Manager (that thing that makes the upper right icon flash when an app wants
your attention. Perhaps fifty lines of code, plus some icon resource,
should do it. There are sample bits of code all over to do this; I can do
some hunting if you wish.

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