Re: CU-SeeMe and VDIGs

Richard Cogger (
Thu, 27 Oct 1994 17:08:40 -0400

At 2:20 PM 10/27/94, dfleig wrote:
>In trying to get my Video Spigot II Tape to work I started wondering
>about VDIGs themselves. Is CU-SeeMe designed to work with any VDIG
>component or just the Spigot I VDIG? I understand that the digitizing
>equipment is different but I thought the VDIGs were supposed to be
>pretty generic.
>I hate to send this Spigot II Tape back 'cause the video out is fun. If
>it isn't going to work, though, then back it goes.

This is certainly a frequently asked question. The answer is that
CU-SeeMe, unfortunately, and at the present time, supports *only*

Mac 840AV, 660AV, 6100AV, 7100AV, 8100AV

VideoSpigot (the original one)

ComputerEyes/RT (a SCSI device)

No, vdig's are not completely generic, at least not in the simple base
case. With some additional programming, we can probably support a wider
range, but we've had a long list of higher priority stuff to do. We have a
Spigot II tape, so that's not a problem. Perhaps we can check it out at
the time we get into making the QuickCam work, presumably in a couple
weeks. Perhaps it will just work, but almost nothing has, and we can't
take multiple days fussing with something just now, so no promises. Sorry.