Re: how to answer a video phone call?

John Lester (lester@HELIX.MGH.HARVARD.EDU)
Thu, 27 Oct 1994 17:12:08 -0400

>Does anyone know of a way to ring someone's computer to tell them they have a
>video call waiting? It seems rather silly to call someone on the phone and say
>"turn on CUSeeMe so we can talk" or to send email back and forth. I suspect the
>CUSM application could run in the background which means someone with
>programming skills might be able to write a patch so that when the IP # of the
>machine is called an alert sound or window would appear to notify the
>recipient. If this is not already on the to-be-developed wish list could it be
>added? It might make the focused use of the technology for point-to-point
>communication easier for some to adopt.
>Thanks, John

I'm curious if anyone here is familiar with a program called "Being
There"..videoconferencing for Macs only via AppleTalk...

I saw a brief glimpse, and thought "looks like CU-SeeMe..but color..."..

Just wondering if anyone has more info on this...can it be used over TCP/IP?

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