Re: CU-seeme + TIA

Valtteri Vuorikoski (
Thu, 27 Oct 1994 19:30:04 -0400

John Lester has randomly hit several keys, resulting in

> Hrmm..I thought it used UDP ports 7648 and 7652...
> Or am I confused?

reflect.h:#define VID_PORT 7648
reflect.h:#define CONTROL_PORT 7649
reflect.h:#define NV_PORT 7650
reflect.h:#define RF_PORT 7651

7648 at least. Dunno what RF_PORT does (reflector links?), NV_PORT is
for nv and dunno about CONTROL_PORT (refmon?). That's all the ports listed
in the reflector source, excluding the Maven port which can be set in the
configuration file.

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