Cyberia multimedia event
Thu, 27 Oct 1994 21:26:36 -0400

Cyberia, currently London's only "Cyber Cafe", will be hosting a music and
multimedia event this Friday 28th October, from 8pm to 1am (Greenwich Mean Time)

Guest Speakers and performers include:

Robin Scanner
The Charles Dexter Ward Experience
Mark Boothe and Derek Richards (Digital Diasphora)

Hopefully there should be digital recordings of the night's events, for
FTP from

It is also hoped that people will try to link up with Cyberia via CU-SeeMe
video conferencing using the reflector at the University of Ulster
(Windows and Macintosh CU-SeeMe software is available via FTP from
in the /pub/video directories)

With luck and a bit of imagination you will get a glimpse of something like
a public connection to the Black Sun in Neal Stephenson's novel "Snow Crash"

If you want to know more about Cyberia and other "Cyber Cafes", have a look at

Mark Dz