RE: Sound on a PPC

EditMeister Jay (
Fri, 28 Oct 1994 00:59:20 -0400

Can anybody tell me how to get the mike to work on a powerPC mac? We get the
video to work fine, even with the 68x software (now using the PPC version
(beta 12)). But no sound. Not even a rise in the sound level bar in the audio
panel. I suspect that you need a special mike for the ppc (7100), or a
special control panel. Anybody have a clue?

You need a line-level mic. You are using a mic-level mic. Line-level audio
equipment signals are much stronger. Your personal stereo outputs a line-level
signal to your headphones.

If you have a portable mixer that outputs a line-level signal, you can attach
the mixer to the mic. and attach the other end of the mixer to the mac.
I should work fine.

But otherwise, I'd just go out and buy a line-level mic.

Jason Whong