Worrell, Gary C. (
Mon, 31 Oct 1994 10:59:14 -0500

1) Is there any way to cuseeme from modem-to-modem? (point-to-point without

2) What are the plans for PC cuseeme audio? When? What audio cards will
work? Are there any audio/video combination cards so I don't have to use
two slots?

3) Can I transmit other picture data such as a tif/gif/bmp etc. over cuseeme
for presentation purposes?

4) I saw some messages referring to ISDN SLIP connections. The way I read
it was that if I wanted to use cuseeme via a modem-slip connection, I would
need an ISDN telephone line to get the required bandwidth. Is that correct?

5) Has anybody attempted to use cuseeme in OS/2? IBM TCPIP has winsock.dll,
and when I run cuseeme under WIN/OS2, I get -
"Error binding to UDP port (10048)".

I know there were more questions, but it is Friday afternoon and my brain is
slipping into the weekend. I'll ask them next time.