Need list of full-duplex audio cards for Windows

John D. Lauer (
Sun, 1 Oct 1995 20:08:58 -0400

I need list of full-duplex audio cards for Windows. This information is
almost impossible to find from the vendors because its not an issue with
most people, only when video conferencing enters the picture.

So if you have found your audio card for Windows to be full-duplex (you can
talk and hear others at the same time) then please send me a short email
back telling me what type of card you have. Also if you want to send me an
email back if your card is half-duplex I would like to make a list of those

If there is actually a list available somewhere with this info then please
point me to it. But I've looked around and can't find it.

I desperately need this info. TIA
John Lauer