CU-Seeme at 28.8

Scott Cochran (
Mon, 02 Oct 1995 14:09:47 +0600

I don't see anything in the Web pages about using 28.8 access for
Cu-seeme. (There are many references to 14.4)
I use CU-Seeme in receive-only mode, with only one or two windows open.

The sound cuts in and out (mostly out). Is there a way to allocate
bandwidth to the audio (ex: approx 14.4 kbps), and have the remainder
used to receive video? I've tested it on two machines.

Hardware: Gateway 2000 486/33 8MB, and Canon Inova Book DX4-100 8MB.
Software: Windows 3.11, Chameleon Winsock 1.1 compliant

Thanks for any guidance,