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Tom Creedon (
Mon, 02 Oct 1995 18:46:15 -0700

As I recall there are several products that can accomplish this task
without the developers of applications having to add more code to
handle this situation. If you are concerned about children accessing
adult materials you should consider something like SurfWatch. Here is
the URL for SurfWatch: <>. The idea behind
these products is to monitor connections to IP addresses and block
access to ones that you don't want your children getting onto. These
monitoring programs usually come pre configured with a list of sites
that some organization has determined are not suitable for children.
The parent can also add sites to the list.

Thomas@PDX,OR USA.

>>> Bill Oatman <> - 10/2/95 3:56 PM >>>

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I wonder if it might not be time to add some sort of parental
control to the CU software.

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